List of publications, proceedings et al in 2018:

Citekey Title
AnaideThibault Anaïde THIBAULT : master 2 (undergrad, 2017-12 / 2018-03)
AngeloFranciosini Angelo Franciosini (PhD , 2017 / 2020)
Events/2018-04-05_OptInferBrainWorkshop Probabilities and Optimal Inference to understand the Brain
Events/2018-11-09_MariaJoseEscobar Retinal computations
HugoLadret Hugo Ladret
PierreAlbiges Pierre Albiges
Presentations/2018-01-15_TRAJECTORY Progress meeting ANR TRAJECTORY
Presentations/2018-01-22_HorizontalV1 Kick-off Horizontal V1
Presentations/2018-01-25_meetup-neuronautes Meetup Art et Neurosciences: Expériences autour de la perception de la forme en art et science
Presentations/2018-02-01_BCP_INVIBE_fest Estimating and anticipating a dynamic probabilistic bias in visual motion direction
Presentations/2018-03-26_cours-NeuroComp PhD Program: course in Computational Neuroscience
Presentations/2018-03-26_cours-NeuroComp_FEP Probabilities, Bayes and the Free-energy principle
Presentations/2018-04-05_ActiveInference Principles and psychophysics of Active Inference
Presentations/2018-04-05_BCP_talk Principles and psychophysics of Active Inference in anticipating a dynamic, switching probabilistic bias
Presentations/2018-10-10_PollyMaggoo FÊTE DE LA SCIENCE 2018 : Alcazar / MERLAN
Presentations/2018-10-11_BioMorphisme La modélisation biomorphique de la perception visuelle
Publications/BoutinFranciosiniRuffierPerrinet18itwist From biological vision to unsupervised hierarchical sparse coding
Publications/Damasse18 Reinforcement effects in anticipatory smooth eye movements
Publications/DupeyrouxBoutinSerresPerrinetViollet18 M2APix: a bio-inspired auto-adaptive visual sensor for robust ground height estimation
Publications/LadretPerrinet18gdr Selectivity to oriented patterns of different precisions
Publications/Mansour18vss Speed uncertainty and motion perception with naturalistic random textures
Publications/Pasturel18anemo ANEMO: Quantitative tools for the ANalysis of Eye MOvements
Publications/Pasturel18grenoble Estimating and anticipating a dynamic probabilistic bias in visual motion direction
Publications/Perrinet18gdr A low-cost, accessible eye tracking framework
Publications/Vacher18 Bayesian Modeling of Motion Perception using Dynamical Stochastic Textures
TagAnrCausal ANR CausaL (2018--2022) : Cognitive​ ​architectures​ ​of​ Causal​ ​Learning
TagAnrHorizontalV1 ANR Horizontal-V1 (2017--2021): Connectivité Horizontale et Prédiction de Cohérences dans l'Intégration de Contour et Mouvement dans le Cortex Visuel Primaire
TagAnrPredictEye ANR PredictEye (2018--2022) : Mapping and predicting trajectories for eye movements
TagDoc2Amu DOC2AMU: An Excellence Fellowship (2016--2019)
TagIcnPhdProgram a grant from the Ph.D. program in Integrative and Clinical Neuroscience (PhD position, 2017 / 2021)
TagPACEItn PACE-ITN: ITN Marie Curie network (2015--2019)


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