List of present and former students :

Citekey Title
AngeloFranciosini Trajectories in natural images and the sensory processing of contours (PhD position, 2017 / 2021)
DavidArbib OBV1: Sélectivité à l'orientation dans le cortex visuel primaire. (master student, 2016-01 / 2016-06)
JeanBernardDamasse Gaze orientation and learning (PhD, 2014-2017)
JeanSpezia developing MotionClouds (undergrad, 2014-09 / 2014-12)
JensKremkow Correlating Excitation and Inhibition in Visual Cortical Circuits: Functional Consequences and Biological Feasibility (PhD, 2006-01 / 2009-05)
KianaMansourPour Predicting and selecting sensory events: inference for smooth eye movements (PhD: 2015 - 2018)
NicoleVoges Complex dynamics in recurrent cortical networks based on spatially realistic connectivities (Post-Doc, 2008 / 2010)
PierreAlbiges master 2 (undergrad, 2018-02 / 2018-06)
VictorBoutin Controlling an aerial robot by human semaphore gestures using a bio-inspired neural network (PhD, 12/2016-12/2019)
WahibaTaouali Motion Integration By V1 Population (Post-Doc, 2013-03 / 2015-01)


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