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List of publications, proceedings et al in 2017:

Citekey Title
AnaideThibault Anaïde THIBAULT : master 2 (undergrad, 2017-12 / 2018-03)
AngeloFranciosini Angelo Franciosini (PhD , 2017 / 2020)
PierreAlbiges Pierre Albiges
Presentations/2017-01-18_LACONEU Back to the present: how neurons deal with delays
Presentations/2017-01-19_LACONEU Tutorial: Sparse optimization in neural computations
Presentations/2017-01-20_LACONEU Tutorial: Active inference for eye movements: Bayesian methods, neural inference, dynamics
Presentations/2017-03-06_cours-NeuroComp PhD Program: course in Computational Neuroscience
Presentations/2017-06-28_Telluride Back to the present: dealing with delays in biological and neuromorphic systems
Presentations/2017-06-30_Telluride Tutorial on predictive coding
Presentations/2017-11-15_ColloqueMaster Dynamic neural codes for efficient visual processing
Presentations/2017-11-17_FestivalInterferences FESTIVAL INTERFÉRENCES​
Presentations/2017-11-24_NeurosciencesRobotique Unsupervised learning applied to robotic vision
Publications/BoutinRuffierPerrinet17neurofrance Efficient learning of sparse image representations using homeostatic regulation
Publications/BoutinRuffierPerrinet17spars Efficient learning of sparse image representations using homeostatic regulation
Publications/Damasse17vss Dynamic modulation of volatility by reward contingencies: effects on anticipatory smooth eye movement
Publications/KhoeiMassonPerrinet17 The flash-lag effect as a motion-based predictive shift
Publications/Mansour17ecvp How the dynamics of human smooth pursuit is influenced by speed uncertainty
Publications/Mansour17gdr Voluntary tracking the moving clouds : Effects of speed variability on human smooth pursuit
Publications/Pasturel17gdr Estimating and anticipating a dynamic probabilistic bias in visual motion direction
Publications/Perrinet17gdr Expériences autour de la perception de la forme en art et science
TagAnrHorizontalV1 ANR Horizontal-V1 (2017--2021): Connectivité Horizontale et Prédiction de Cohérences dans l'Intégration de Contour et Mouvement dans le Cortex Visuel Primaire
TagDoc2Amu DOC2AMU: An Excellence Fellowship (2016--2019)
TagIcnPhdProgram a grant from the Ph.D. program in Integrative and Clinical Neuroscience (PhD position, 2017 / 2021)
TagPACEItn PACE-ITN: ITN Marie Curie network (2015--2019)


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