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List of publications, proceedings et al in 2015:

Citekey Title
Presentations/2015-06-22_SIS Edge co-occurrences can account for rapid categorization of natural versus animal images
Presentations/2015-10-07_GDR-BioComp Motion-based prediction with neuromorphic hardware
Presentations/2015-11-05_Chile Motion-based prediction with neuromorphic hardware
Publications/CristobalPerrinetKeil15bicv Biologically Inspired Computer Vision
Publications/CristobalPerrinetKeil15bicv_chap1 Introduction
Publications/Damasse14gdr On the nature of anticipatory eye movements and the factors affecting them
Publications/Damasse15gdr Anticipatory smooth eye movements as operant behavior
Publications/Damasse15vss Anticipatory smooth eye movements and reinforcement
Publications/Danion15sfn Eye tracking a self-moved target with complex hand-target dynamics
Publications/Montagnini15bicv Visual motion processing and human tracking behavior
Publications/Montagnini15sfn Anticipating a moving target: role of vision and reinforcement
Publications/Perrinet15bicv Sparse Models for Computer Vision
Publications/Perrinet15eusipco Sparse coding of natural images using a prior on edge co-occurences
Publications/PerrinetBednar15 Edge co-occurrences can account for rapid categorization of natural versus animal images
Publications/Taouali15 Testing the Odds of Inherent versus Observed Overdispersion in Neural Spike Counts
Publications/Taouali15icmns On overdispersion in neuronal evoked activity
Publications/Taouali15vss A dynamic model for decoding direction and orientation in macaque primary visual cortex
Publications/Vacher15icms A Mathematical Account of Dynamic Texture Synthesis for Probing Visual Perception
Publications/Vacher15nips Biologically Inspired Dynamic Textures for Probing Motion Perception
TagAnrBalaV1 ANR BalaV1: Balanced states in area V1 (2013--2016)
TagAnrRem ANR REM : Renforcement et mouvements oculaires (2013--2016)
TagAnrSpeed ANR SPEED: Traitement de la vitesse dans les scè€nes visuelles naturelles (2013--2016)
TagPACEItn PACE-ITN: ITN Marie Curie network (2015--2019)


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