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List of publications and proceedings in 2010:

Citekey Title
Events/2010-05-27_NeuroCompMarseilleWorkshop Computational Neuroscience: From Representations to Behavior
Presentations/2010-01-08_facets FACETS plenary meeting, WP 5/9: Modeling and Databases at the Network Level - Friday, January 8th 2010
Presentations/2010-04-14_OndesParallèles Diffraction monochromatique, spectre audiographique
Presentations/2010-12-17_TaucTalk From Mathematical Image Analysis to Neurogeometry of the Brain
Publications/Bogadhi10vss A recurrent Bayesian model of dynamic motion integration for smooth pursuit
Publications/Daucé10 Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level
Publications/Khoei10tauc Dynamical emergence of a neural solution for motion integration
Publications/Kremkow10jcns Functional consequences of correlated excitatory and inhibitory conductances in cortical networks
Publications/Masmoudi10 A novel bio-inspired static image compression scheme for noisy data transmission over low-bandwidth channels
Publications/Perrinet10DocSciences Qui créera le premier calculateur intelligent?
Publications/Perrinet10areadne Emergence of behavioral receptive fields in a probabilistic motion field
Publications/Perrinet10shl Role of homeostasis in learning sparse representations
Publications/Simoncini10vss Different pooling of motion information for perceptual speed discrimination and behavioral speed estimation
Publications Full Fist of publications
Publications Recent publications
Publications Selected list of publications
TagCodde CODDE: understanding brain and behaviour (2008--2012)
TagFacetsItn FACETS-ITN: From Neuroscience to neuro-inspired computing (2010--2013)
TagFacets FACETS: Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States (2006--2010)


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