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= NeuroTools = = Neuro Tools =

Neuro Tools

NeuroTools is a collection of tools for representing and anlyzing neuroscientific data.

NeuroTools is written in Python, and works best with PyNN, or one of the growing list of simulation engines with a Python front-end such as NEURON, NEST, PCSIM, VLSI, Brian, MOOSE/GENESIS, Neurospaces/GENESIS. NeuroTools provides modules to facilitate simulation setup, parameterization, data management, analysis and visualization. The data-related tools are equally suited to analysis of experimental data, although that is not the primary motivation for their development.

NeuroTools aims to:

  1. increase the productivity of individual modellers by automating, simplifying, and establishing best-practices for common tasks,
  2. increase the productivity of the neuroscience modelling community by reducing the amount of code duplication across simulation communities,
  3. increase the reliability of data analysis tools leveraging Linus's law: "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

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