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 Url = {http://www.incm.cnrs-mrs.fr/LaurentPerrinet/Publications/Khoei10tauc},  Url = {http://invibe.net/LaurentPerrinet/Publications/Khoei10tauc},

Animation of particles representing motion of a line
Animation of particles representing the motion of a slanted line: the aperture problem is progressively solved.

Dynamical emergence of a neural solution for motion integration


  • Mina Aliakbari Khoei, Laurent Perrinet, Guillaume S. Masson. Dynamical emergence of a neural solution for motion integration, URL . In Proceedings of Tauc, 2010 abstract.

All material (c) L. Perrinet. Please check the copyright notice.

This work was supported by the FACETS ITN project (EU funding, grant number 237955), a 'Marie-Curie Initial Training Network'.

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