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 * http://code.astraw.com/projects/motmot/  * we use the {{{motmot}}} framework developped by Andrew Straw @ Caltech: http://code.astraw.com/projects/motmot/

Putting the things together...

the "eye"



  • but it's good to install required libraries from motmot:

    sudo easy_install motmot.utils motmot.wxvalidatedtext  motmot.FlyMovieFormat  motmot.wxglvideo  motmot.wxvideo 

    so that you can run fview to test your isight (check Camera... Initialize camera).


the loudspeaker

  • for the demo script, you will need the pyaudio module:

    svn co https://www.portaudio.com/repos/portaudio/trunk portaudio
    cd portaudio/
    sudo make install
    sudo /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 -m 644 ./include/pa_mac_core.h /usr/local/include/pa_mac_core.h
    sudo easy_install pyaudio

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