List of publications, proceedings et al in 2013:

Citekey Title
Presentations/2013-03-21_Marseille Why methods and tools are the key to artificial brain-like systems
Presentations/2013-07-05_Cerco Edge co-occurrences and categorizing natural images
Presentations/2013-11-26_BrainScalesDemos Demo 1-3: Apparent Motion in V1/ MT/MST: Neural Implementation of Probabilistic Approaches
Publications/Kaplan13 Anisotropic connectivity implements motion-based prediction in a spiking neural network
Publications/Khoei13cns Motion-based prediction and development of the response to an 'on the way' stimulus
Publications/Khoei13jpp Role of motion-based prediction in motion extrapolation
Publications/Meso13vss How and why do image frequency properties influence perceived speed?
Publications/Nava13 Advances in Texture Analysis for Emphysema Classification
Publications/Perrinet13cns Active inference, smooth pursuit and oculomotor delays
Publications/Perrinet13jffos Active inference, smooth pursuit and oculomotor delays
Publications/Simoncini13vss Measuring speed of moving textures: Different temporal integration for ocular following and speed perception
TagAnrBalaV1 ANR BalaV1: Balanced states in area V1 (2013--2016)
TagAnrRem ANR REM : Renforcement et mouvements oculaires (2013--2016)
TagAnrSpeed ANR SPEED: Traitement de la vitesse dans les scè€nes visuelles naturelles (2013--2016)
TagBrainScales BrainScaleS: Brain-inspired multiscale computation in neuromorphic hybrid systems (2011--2014)
TagFacetsItn FACETS-ITN: From Neuroscience to neuro-inspired computing (2010--2013)


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