List of publications and proceedings in 2009:

Citekey Title
Events/2009-04-07_NeuroCompMarseilleWorkshop WORKSHOP: "Brain dynamics, from information to behavior"
Presentations/2009-04_INT "Brain dynamics, from information to behavior" workshop
Presentations/2009-11-24_IntelligenceMécanique Peut-on parler d’intelligence mécanique?
Presentations/2009-11-30_VSD Reading out the dynamics of lateral interactions in the primary visual cortex from VSD data
Presentations/Kremkow09cnstalk Control of the temporal interplay between excitation and inhibition by the statistics of visual input
Publications/Kremkow09cns Dynamics of non-linear cortico-cortical interactions during motion integration in early visual cortex: A spiking neuron model of an optical imaging study in the awake monkey
Publications/Kremkow09gns Functional consequences of correlated excitation and inhibition on single neuron integration and signal propagation through synfire chains
Publications/Kremkow09thesis Correlating Excitation and Inhibition in Visual Cortical Circuits: Functional Consequences and Biological Feasibility
Publications/Perrinet09cns Decoding the population dynamics underlying ocular following response using a probabilistic framework
Publications/Perrinet09cosyne Decoding center-surround interactions in population of neurons for the ocular following response
Publications/Perrinet09vss Inferring monkey ocular following responses from V1 population dynamics using a probabilistic model of motion integration
Publications/Perrinet09vss accompanying poster
Publications/Perrinet09vss related bibliography
Publications/Voges09cns Recurrent cortical networks with realistic horizontal connectivities show complex dynamics
Publications/Voges09cosyne Dynamical state spaces of cortical networks representing various horizontal connectivities
Publications/Voges09gns Dynamics of cortical networks including long-range patchy connections
Publications/Voges10neurocomp Phase space analysis of networks based on biologically realistic parameters
Publications/Yger09gns Neuralensemble: Towards a meta-environment for network modeling and data analysis
TagCodde CODDE: understanding brain and behaviour (2008--2012)
TagFacets FACETS: Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States (2006--2010)


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