List of publications in 2007:

Citekey Title
Presentations/2007-09_mipm Mathematical image processing meeting (Marseille, France) September 5, 2007
Presentations/2007-12_rankprize The Rank Prize Funds, Mini-Symposium on Representations of the Visual World in the Brain, 2007
Publications/Cessac07 Topics in Dynamical Neural Networks: From Large Scale Neural Networks to Motor Control and Vision
Publications/Davison07cns PyNN: towards a universal neural simulator api in Python
Publications/Fischer07 Sparse approximation of images inspired from the functional architecture of the primary visual areas
Publications/Fischer07cv Self-invertible 2D log-Gabor wavelets
Publications/Kremkow07cns Synchrony in thalamic inputs enhances propagation of activity through cortical layers
Publications/Montagnini07 Bayesian modeling of dynamic motion integration
Publications/Perrinet06 Dynamical Neural Networks: modeling low-level vision at short latencies
Publications/Perrinet07cns On efficient sparse spike coding schemes for learning natural scenes in the primary visual cortex
Publications/Perrinet07neurocomp Modeling spatial integration in the ocular following response using a probabilistic framework
TagFacets FACETS: Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States (2006--2010)


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