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TagBrainScales BrainScaleS: Brain-inspired multiscale computation in neuromorphic hybrid systems (2011--2014)
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Publications/Perrinet15eusipco Sparse coding of natural images using a prior on edge co-occurences
Presentations/Perrinet11sfn Edge statistics in natural images versus laboratory animal environments: implications for understanding lateral connectivity in V1
Presentations/Perrinet06neurocomp accompanying poster
Presentations/Perrinet06neurocomp Input-output transformation in the visuo-oculomotor loop: modeling the ocular following response to center-surround stimulation in a probabilistic framework
Presentations/Kremkow09cnstalk Control of the temporal interplay between excitation and inhibition by the statistics of visual input
Presentations/Kaplan14beijing Signature of an anticipatory response in area V1 as modeled by a probabilistic model and a spiking neural network
Presentations/2019-04-18_JNLF Des illusions aux hallucinations visuelles: une porte sur la perception
Presentations/2019-01-17_LACONEU Role of dynamics in neural computations underlying visual processing
Presentations/2019-01-16_LACONEU Efficient coding of visual information in neural computations
Presentations/2019-01-14_LACONEU Modelling spiking neural networks using Brian, Nest and pyNN
Presentations/2018-10-11_BioMorphisme La modélisation biomorphique de la perception visuelle
Presentations/2018-04-05_BCP_talk Principles and psychophysics of Active Inference in anticipating a dynamic, switching probabilistic bias
Presentations/2018-04-05_ActiveInference Principles and psychophysics of Active Inference
Presentations/2018-03-26_cours-NeuroComp_FEP Probabilities, Bayes and the Free-energy principle
Presentations/2018-02-01_BCP_INVIBE_fest Estimating and anticipating a dynamic probabilistic bias in visual motion direction
Presentations/2018-01-25_meetup-neuronautes Meetup Art et Neurosciences: Expériences autour de la perception de la forme en art et science
Presentations/2018-01-22_HorizontalV1 Kick-off Horizontal V1
Presentations/2018-01-15_TRAJECTORY Progress meeting ANR TRAJECTORY
Presentations/2017-11-24_NeurosciencesRobotique Unsupervised learning applied to robotic vision
Presentations/2017-11-15_ColloqueMaster Dynamic neural codes for efficient visual processing
Presentations/2017-06-30_Telluride Tutorial on predictive coding
Presentations/2017-06-28_Telluride Back to the present: dealing with delays in biological and neuromorphic systems
Presentations/2017-01-20_LACONEU Tutorial: Active inference for eye movements: Bayesian methods, neural inference, dynamics
Presentations/2017-01-19_LACONEU Tutorial: Sparse optimization in neural computations
Presentations/2017-01-18_LACONEU Back to the present: how neurons deal with delays
Presentations/2016-11-20_PollyMaggoo entretien avec Clara Delmon
Presentations/2016-11-03_SIGMA The flash-lag effect as a motion-based predictive shift
Presentations/2016-11-03_GDR_Vision Reinforcement contingencies modulate anticipatory smooth eye movements
Presentations/2016-10-26_Perrinet16EUVIP Biologically-inspired characterization of sparseness in natural images
Presentations/2016-10-26_FillatreBarlaudPerrinet16EUVIP Categorization of microscopy images using a biologically inspired edge co-occurrences descriptor
Presentations/2016-10-13_LAW Eye movements as a model for active inference
Presentations/2016-07-07_EDP-proba Modelling the dynamics of cognitive processes: from the Bayesian brain to particles
Presentations/2016-04-28_Méjanes Les illusions visuelles, un révélateur du fonctionnement de notre cerveau
Presentations/2016-04-25_PollyMaggoo Les illusions visuelles, un révélateur du fonctionnement de notre cerveau
Presentations/2015-11-05_Chile Motion-based prediction with neuromorphic hardware
Presentations/2015-10-07_GDR-BioComp Motion-based prediction with neuromorphic hardware
Presentations/2015-06-22_SIS Edge co-occurrences can account for rapid categorization of natural versus animal images
Presentations/2014-04-17_HDR HDR: “Codage prédictif dans les transformations visuo-motrices”
Presentations/2014-03-20_Manchester WP5 - Demo 1.3 : Spiking model of motion-based prediction
Presentations/2014-01-10_INTFest Axonal delays and on-time control of eye movements
Presentations/2013-11-26_BrainScalesDemos Demo 1-3: Apparent Motion in V1/ MT/MST: Neural Implementation of Probabilistic Approaches
Presentations/2013-07-05_Cerco Edge co-occurrences and categorizing natural images
Presentations/2013-03-21_Marseille Why methods and tools are the key to artificial brain-like systems
Presentations/2012-04-16_InriaIntMeeting Motion-based prediction is sufficient to solve the aperture problem
Presentations/2012-03-23_Juelich Apparent motion in V1 - Probabilistic approaches
Presentations/2012-03-22_Juelich Motion Clouds: Model-based stimulus synthesis of natural-like random textures for the study of motion perception
Presentations/2012-01-27_FIL Grabbing, tracking and sniffing as models for motion detection and eye movements
Presentations/2012-01-24_Edinburgh Edge statistics in natural images versus laboratory animal environments: implications for understanding lateral connectivity in V1.
Presentations/2012-01-12_VisionAtUcl Motion-based prediction is sufficient to solve the aperture problem
Presentations/2011-10-05_BrainScalesESS Implementation of models showing emergence of cortical fields and maps
Presentations/2011-09-28_ermites Edge statistics in natural images versus laboratory animal environments: implications for understanding lateral connectivity in V1
Presentations/2011-07-02_NeuroMedTalk Atelier Neurosciences Computationnelles, 2-3 Juillet 2011 Khemisset, Maroc
Presentations/2010-12-17_TaucTalk From Mathematical Image Analysis to Neurogeometry of the Brain
Presentations/2010-04-14_OndesParallèles Diffraction monochromatique, spectre audiographique
Presentations/2010-01-08_facets FACETS plenary meeting, WP 5/9: Modeling and Databases at the Network Level - Friday, January 8th 2010
Presentations/2009-11-30_VSD Reading out the dynamics of lateral interactions in the primary visual cortex from VSD data
Presentations/2009-11-24_IntelligenceMécanique Peut-on parler d’intelligence mécanique?
Presentations/2009-04_INT "Brain dynamics, from information to behavior" workshop
Presentations/2008-06_Ulm @ Universität Ulm - Heiko Neumann's lab
Presentations/2008-04_incm @ INCM (Marseille) April 11th, 2008
Presentations/2008-02_toledo Prisma workshop, Toledo (Spain), February 7, 2008
Presentations/2007-12_rankprize The Rank Prize Funds, Mini-Symposium on Representations of the Visual World in the Brain, 2007
Presentations/2007-09_mipm Mathematical image processing meeting (Marseille, France) September 5, 2007
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