Name Object
Software/LeCheapEyeTracker LeCheapEyeTracker
Software/LogGabor Log Gabor : an oriented multiresolution scheme for images inspired by biology
Software/MotionClouds Motion Clouds: Model-based stimulus synthesis of natural-like random textures for the study of motion perception
Software/Neurotools Neuro Tools
Software/OpenRetina Open Retina: an open, all-purpose, all-hardware neuromorphic retina
Software/SimpleCellDemo Simple Cell Demo
Software/SparseEdges Sparse Edges : a method to extract edges from images inspired by biology
SparseHebbianLearning/ReproducibleResearch Reproducible research : Python implementation of SparseHebbianLearning
SparseHebbianLearning/ReproducibleResearch Reproducible research : matlab(c) implementation of SparseHebbianLearning


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