Publications that appeared as articles in journals

Citekey Title
Adams12 Smooth Pursuit and Visual Occlusion: Active Inference and Oculomotor Control in Schizophrenia
Barthelemy07 Dynamics of distributed 1D and 2D motion representations for short-latency ocular following
Bogadhi10 Pursuing motion illusions: a realistic oculomotor framework for Bayesian inference
Cessac07 Topics in Dynamical Neural Networks: From Large Scale Neural Networks to Motor Control and Vision
Chemla19 Suppressive waves disambiguate the representation of long-range apparent motion in awake monkey V1
CristobalPerrinetKeil15bicv_chap1 Introduction
CristobalPerrinetKeil15bicv Biologically Inspired Computer Vision
Damasse18 Reinforcement effects in anticipatory smooth eye movements
Daucé10 Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level
Davison08 PyNN: A common interface for neuronal network simulators
Fischer07cv Self-invertible 2D log-Gabor wavelets
Fischer07 Sparse approximation of images inspired from the functional architecture of the primary visual areas
Friston12 Perceptions as Hypotheses: Saccades as Experiments
Kaplan13 Anisotropic connectivity implements motion-based prediction in a spiking neural network
KaplanKhoei14 Signature of an anticipatory response in area V1 as modeled by a probabilistic model and a spiking neural network
Khoei13jpp Role of motion-based prediction in motion extrapolation
KhoeiMassonPerrinet17 The flash-lag effect as a motion-based predictive shift
Kremkow10jcns Functional consequences of correlated excitatory and inhibitory conductances in cortical networks
Kremkow16 Push-Pull Receptive Field Organization and Synaptic Depression: Mechanisms for Reliably Encoding Naturalistic Stimuli in V1
Masson12 The behavioral receptive field underlying motion integration for primate tracking eye movements
Montagnini07 Bayesian modeling of dynamic motion integration
Montagnini15bicv Visual motion processing and human tracking behavior
Nava13 Advances in Texture Analysis for Emphysema Classification
Perrinet02sparse Sparse spike coding in an asynchronous feed-forward multi-layer neural network using Matching Pursuit
Perrinet02stdp Coherence detection in a spiking neuron via hebbian learning
Perrinet03ieee Coding static natural images using spiking event times : do neurons cooperate?
Perrinet03 Emergence of filters from natural scenes in a sparse spike coding scheme
Perrinet04nc Finding Independent Components using spikes : a natural result of hebbian learning in a sparse spike coding scheme
Perrinet04tauc Feature detection using spikes : the greedy approach
Perrinet06 Dynamical Neural Networks: modeling low-level vision at short latencies
Perrinet07neurocomp Modeling spatial integration in the ocular following response using a probabilistic framework
Perrinet10shl Role of homeostasis in learning sparse representations
Perrinet12pred Motion-based prediction is sufficient to solve the aperture problem
Perrinet15bicv Sparse Models for Computer Vision
Perrinet15eusipco Sparse coding of natural images using a prior on edge co-occurences
Perrinet16EUVIP Biologically-inspired characterization of sparseness in natural images
PerrinetAdamsFriston14 Active Inference, tracking eye movements and oculomotor delays
PerrinetBednar15 Edge co-occurrences can account for rapid categorization of natural versus animal images
Sanz12 Motion Clouds: Model-based stimulus synthesis of natural-like random textures for the study of motion perception
Simoncini12 More is not always better: dissociation between perception and action explained by adaptive gain control
Taouali15 Testing the Odds of Inherent versus Observed Overdispersion in Neural Spike Counts
Voges10neurocomp Phase space analysis of networks based on biologically realistic parameters
Voges12 Complex dynamics in recurrent cortical networks based on spatially realistic connectivities


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