List of grants:

Tag+Acronym Title of the grant
TagAnrBalaV1 ANR BalaV1: Balanced states in area V1 (2013--2016)
TagAnrRem ANR REM : Renforcement et mouvements oculaires (2013--2016)
TagAnrSpeed ANR SPEED: Traitement de la vitesse dans les scè€nes visuelles naturelles (2013--2016)
TagBrainScales BrainScaleS: Brain-inspired multiscale computation in neuromorphic hybrid systems (2011--2014)
TagCodde CODDE: understanding brain and behaviour (2008--2012)
TagDoc2Amu DOC2AMU: An Excellence Fellowship (2016--2019)
TagFacetsItn FACETS-ITN: From Neuroscience to neuro-inspired computing (2010--2013)
TagFacets FACETS: Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States (2006--2010)
TagPACEItn PACE-ITN: ITN Marie Curie network (2015--2019)


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