This page lists of events I contributed to organize.

List of pages in this category:

Events/2018-11-09_MariaJoseEscobar Retinal computations
Events/2018-04-05_OptInferBrainWorkshop Probabilities and Optimal Inference to understand the Brain
Events/2016-10-26_EUVIP_BICV EUVIP Session 7: Biologically Inspired Computer Vision (Special Session)
Events/2010-06-22_CodeJamNr4 FACETS Code Jam Workshop #4
Events/2010-05-27_NeuroCompMarseilleWorkshop Computational Neuroscience: From Representations to Behavior
Events/2009-04-07_NeuroCompMarseilleWorkshop WORKSHOP: "Brain dynamics, from information to behavior"
Events/2008-10-11_NeuroComp08 Plus d'informations
Events/2008-10-11_NeuroComp08 Deuxième conférence française de Neurosciences Computationnelles, "Neurocomp08"


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