Neural computations and statistical inference

List of publications that are related to probabilistic representations and the Bayes' rule.

In papers

Barthélemy et al., 2007

  • Frédéric Barthélemy, Laurent Perrinet, Éric Castet, Guillaume S. Masson. Dynamics of distributed 1D and 2D motion representations for short-latency ocular following, URL URL2 URL3 . Vision Research, 48(4):501--22, 2008 abstract.

Montagnini et al., 2007

  • Anna Montagnini, Pascal Mamassian, Laurent U. Perrinet, Eric Castet, Guillaume S. Masson. Bayesian modeling of dynamic motion integration, URL . Journal of Physiology (Paris), 101(1-3):64-77, 2007 abstract.

Perrinet et al., 2007

  • Laurent Perrinet, Guillaume S. Masson. Modeling spatial integration in the ocular following response using a probabilistic framework, URL . Journal of Physiology (Paris), 2007 abstract.

In reviewed conference proceedings



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