Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level

This paper introduces the special issue of Journal of Physiology-Paris (Volume 104, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-106, January-March 2010) Computational Neuroscience, from Multiple Levels to Multi-level Edited by Emmanuel Daucé and Laurent Perrinet.

  1. Computational neuroscience, from multiple levels to multi-level Pages 1-4 Emmanuel Daucé, Laurent Perrinet
  2. Overview of facts and issues about neural coding by spikes Pages 5-18 Bruno Cessac, Hélène Paugam-Moisy, Thierry Viéville
  3. An Adaptive Resonance Theory account of the implicit learning of orthographic word forms Pages 19-26 H. Glotin, P. Warnier, F. Dandurand, S. Dufau, B. Lété, C. Touzet, J.C. Ziegler, J. Grainger
  4. Modelling honeybee visual guidance in a 3-D environment Pages 27-39 G. Portelli, J. Serres, F. Ruffier, N. Franceschini
  5. Voltage-sensitive dye imaging: Technique review and models Pages 40-50 S. Chemla, F. Chavane
  6. Phase space analysis of networks based on biologically realistic parameters Pages 51-60 Nicole Voges, Laurent Perrinet
  7. Interactions of motion and form in visual cortex – A neural model Pages 61-70 Cornelia Beck, Heiko Neumann
  8. A model of neural mechanisms in monocular transparent motion perception Pages 71-83 Florian Raudies, Heiko Neumann
  9. A unified and quantitative network model for spatial attention in area V4 Pages 84-90 Etienne Hugues, Jorge V. José
  10. Spike timing-dependent plasticity is affected by the interplay of intrinsic and network oscillations Pages 91-98 Fabiano Baroni, Pablo Varona
  11. Exploring modulation of action potential firing by artificial graft of fast GABAergic autaptic afferences in hypophyseal neuroendocrine melanotrope cells Pages 99-106 Sofiane Boussa, Jennifer Pasquier, François Leboulenger, Alain Faure, Frank Le Foll


All material (c) L. Perrinet. Please check the copyright notice.

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