Cover from ''Vision Research'', Volume 48, Issue 4, February 2008)

Figure 12: Schematic structure of the two-pathway Bayesian model implemented in Barthélemy (2007). The three computational steps to extract parallel, distributed representations of 1D and 2D motion cues are illustrated for a plaid (left-hand panels) and a barberpole (right-hand panels). (a) Outputs of the initial filtering stage extracting 1D and 2D motion features. (b) Likelihood distributions in the velocity space (vx, vy) are plotted for each pathway, together with a common prior distribution centered at (0, 0). (c) A posteriori probability distributions of 1D and 2D motion signals at both low (10%, top row) and high (40%, bottom row) contrast. (Cover from Vision Research, Volume 48, Issue 4, February 2008)

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